Connecting: Pro-Bono Youth Media Mentorships

Together with Connections Media, we offer a pro-bono mentoring workshop where we teach local students interview, film, and conscious listening techniques. Students learn how to interact and interview without bias and media production techniques in television and publishing. By the end of the workshop, they complete a project of their own: an interview, a music video, or their own choice of artistic expression.


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"See Me"

The documentary of the making of "See Me" featuring SC high school students and musicians. 

PBS SPECIAL FEATURE/ SCETV Palmetto Scene/WHY IS THIS IS NOTEWORTHY... noteworthy?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Past Mentors:

Mark Bryan of Hootie and the Blowfish

Mike Veeck, owner of Charleston River Dogs + St. Paul Saints

Brendan James, singer-songwriter

Justin Osborne of SUSTO

Lindsay Holler, singer-songwriter

Robert Ellington aka Papa Robbie, reggae artist

Spaceship Days, 57th Grammy Considered band
Haley Mae Campbell, pop-country artist

Additional Mentors:

Squid Blood, Heather McDonald, Reimo, John Kenney, Becca Finley, Ellie W Payne, Joel Travis, Joe Boan, Brandy Pruitt, Erin Shealy, Craig Meyer, Christina Corsino, Joe Davies, Ian Grimshaw, Alea McKinley, Adam Helms, Aline Dick, Ace Alexander, Caitlin Billard, Caralie Byrnes